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hdg900 series diaphragm regulating valve

65-0214 08 - V4943/V8943B,C,N; V4944/V8944B,C,L,N

V4943/V8943B,C,N; V4944/V8944B,C,L,N REGULATING DIAPHRAGM GAS VALVES 65-021408 6 Fig. 7. Capacity vs. pressure drop of LP Gas curves for 1-1/4 in. valve. Fig. 8. Capacity vs. pressure drop of LP Gas curves for 1-1/2 in. valve. Fig. 9. Capacity vs. pressure drop of LP Gas curves for 2 in. valve. To size two identical valves piped in series:1.

7000 Series Sherwood Valve

Superior's 7074 Series of 303 SS Diaphragm Packless Valves are designed for a variety of high-purity and high-pressure applications, including analytical & instrumentation gases, EPA protocol gases, environmental monitoring and medical applications using pharmaceutical gases. The 7774 Series of 316L SS Diaphragm Packless Valves are used in corrosive gas applications, Control Valves and Instrumentation - Leslie Controls, Inc.device which delivers an air signal to the diaphragm of the regulator. Figure 3 shows the loading pressures required for various valve sizes and pressure drops. Diaphragm pressure quoted, for any particular size or pressure drop, is the pres-sure required on the diaphragm to open the valve under the existing conditions.

Flow Control Valves Flow Control

The DAB Series Diaphragm Valves are available in sizes 1/2 in. 6 in., with PVC and CPVC. Possible end connections are true-union socket or threaded and flanged ends. All DAB Series feature a highly visable beacon indicator. Possible diaphragm materials are EPDM, FPM and PTFE. PVDF vapor barrier available upon request for EPDM and PTFE Function Dome-loaded pressure regulatorsThe gas to be regulated is supplied to the dome where it reaches the valve seat. The pilot gas is controlled via a built-in pilot gas regulator and led into the pressure chamber. Here, it acts on a diaphragm whose stroke movement is transferred to the valve seat via a diaphragm plate.

GO Regulator Instrumentation Components

standardized and specialty pressure regulators, diaphragm valves, and filters. Read more Since 1855 Crane has been the worlds leading innovator and pioneer of practical flow control solutions addressing and exceeding our customers needs to enable them to operate better, faster and safer. Crane I&S, GO REGULATOR offers a comprehensive JB Series Back Pressure Regulators LowFlow ValveGas Back Pressure Regulating Valve. The JB Series line of back pressure regulators have the ability to handle very high pressures and very low flows. USDA and FDA approved soft goods available upon request. The majority of LowFlow regulators come with the Jorlon diaphragm and a lifetime diaphragm warranty. View Resource. STEP Files. 1/4

JSRH Series - Sanitary Regulators, Control Valves, Steam Traps

Manual, Medium to High Flow, Jorlon Diaphragm. Inline style, pressure reducing valves for medium to high flow clean compressed air and gas point of use and distribution applications in the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and consumer health & beauty industries. Pilot-Operated Regulating Valves - Atlantic ValveHSP Series Pressure Regulators Cast Steel 231 The Watson McDaniel HSP Pilot-Operated Pressure Regulating Valve is constructed of Cast Carbon Steel for higher pressure and temperature ratings when compared to ductile iron. HD Series Pilot-Operated Regulating Valves -Introduction 202-207 Main Valve for HD Regulators Ductile Iron 208-209

Pressure & Flow Control Valves Flow Control

PR Series Pressure Regulator Valves (1) LC Series Universal Stopcock Valves (1) DAB Series Diaphragm Valves (1) RV Series Pressure Relief Valves (1) PBV Series Diaphragm Back Pressure Valves (1) RPV Series Diaphragm Pressure Relief Valves (1) CCS Series Calibration Cylinders / Columns (1) Pressure Management Regulators and Valves - Fisher, Pressure reducing and backpressure regulators, automatic recirculation valves (ARC), steam traps, pad / depad valves, and relief valves for natural gas, process liquids, steam, and liquid propane. Learn more about how pressure regulators operate and total pressure management solutions by Emerson.

Pressure reducing valves - Spirax Sarco

The flow through this seat is directed, in turn, to the main valve diaphragm, where it modulates the main valve. In order to achieve the most stable operating condition, an external pressure sensing line must be used. This allows downstream pressure to feed back to the underside of the pilot Pressure reducing valves Pilot Operated 25 Series Pressure reducing valves CaleffiTHE OPERATING PRINCIPLE of the pressure reducing valve is based on the comparison between two opposing forces. 1) The spring pushes the obturator downwards in the pressure reducing valve opening direction. 2) Forced by the downstream pressure, the diaphragm tends to return the obturator upward in the pressure reducing valve closing direction.

Sanitary Pressure Regulators RHPS Series

swagelok Sanitary Pressure Regulators RHPS Series Pressure-reducing regulators and tank blanketing regulators 316L stainless steel construction 1/2, 1, and 1 1/2 in. end connections Working pressures up to 232 psig (16.0 bar) Temperatures from 31 to 284°F (35 to 140°C) FDA / USP Class VI compliant seals Cleanliness compliant with ASTM G93 Sanitary Regulators, Control Valves, Steam Traps Sanitary Diaphragm Valves Steriflow Valve now offers a complete line of Sanitary Diaphragm Valves. Manual or air actuated, forged or cast 2-ways, ported and tandem valves, barstock zero static T-block, point of use (POU) T-block, divert tank bottom, and custom block body valves.

Stainless Steel Low-Pressure Diaphragm Relief Valve StraVal

RVL20-TC Sanitary Diaphragm Relief Valve 1-1/2-2" Tri-Clamp will be a 300 series stainless steel. After the customized selection is made, click to continue and instructions will be provided to either print or save the selection or to proceed with ordering the item on line. View all Plastic Valves; Pressure Regulators. UHP Tied Diaphragm Regulator Series - Unilok - Twin Jan 16, 2020 · The RCT01 series ultra high purity, tied diaphragm pressure reducing regulator provides excellent stability of set pressure with accuracy, sensitivity. Internal springless and threadless design and low internal volume minimizes particles; Metal to metal diaphragm seals provide enhanced leak integrity; Positive shutoff seal reduces creep


SYMPTOM - VALVE STAYS ON:* Examine diaphragm for tear or rock dent. Solenoid is rusted. Diaphragm is old. Rub it, if hands turn black, the rubber is going bad. Check for diaphragm bubbling in center; replace if found. Teflon screw on diaphragm is broken off. Hardie 205 Valves built prior to 1997 had a rusting pin. Ultra-High Purity (UHP) High Flow Diaphragm Valve 955 The 955 Series design has no internally wetted threads or springs which minimizes particle generation and particle entrapment for reduced process contamination. The valves exacting design controls seat and diaphragm stresses to provide a reliable and maintenance free service life in taxing applications. The 955 Series wetted components are fabricated from specialty

V48A & V88A,J Diaphragm Gas Valves - Honeywell

diaphragm valves for 1/2 or 1 psi (3.4 or 6.9 kPa) maximum operating pressure. V88J (24 Vac) solenoid operated diaphragm valves for 1 psi (6.9 kPa) operating pressure and 150°F maximum ambient temperature. Type of Gas:Suitable for liquefied petroleum (LP), natural, manufactured, and sulfur-bearing gases. Valve Capacity:See table in Fig. 2. VALVE PURE LINE (STAINLESS STEEL) 20 m3 SERIES 2-port metal diaphragm regulating valve with shut-off function is used in supply systems for for pure, inert, flammable, oxidizing gases and gas mixtures. This stainless steel version valve is also usable for corrosive and toxic gases and gas mixtures. Maximum gas purity is 6.0. SPECIAL FEATURES:> Hastelloy diaphragm tighting system to atmosphere

Water Pressure Regulators - Valves - The Home Depot

3/4 in. Brass MPT x FTP Pressure Reducing Valve This water pressure reducing valve is designed This water pressure reducing valve is designed to reduce incoming water pressure to a sensible level to protect plumbing system components and reduce water consumption. It consists of stainless steel integral strainer, thermoplastic seat module, thermal expansion bypass and a Model 900TE (Top Entry) Flexflo® Regulator - Valves The Model 900TE (Top Entry) Flexflo® Regulator is a self-contained, pilot-operated pressure regulator that may be used in both gas and liquid applications. The 900TE Flexflo® Regulator design features a simple, top-entry design for easy in-line maintenance.

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